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Razor Bumps Problem need Real Results.  
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Read our customer reviews and see what customers are saying about Imperial Touch Men Skin Care.  Imperial Touch Solutions has changed lives by significantly improving and promoting healthier looking skin.  High quality skincare and shaving essentials designed for men and life’s everyday challenges.  Send us your reviews and upload your videos and let us know what you think.


Our Reviews

Hey this is Lyman Bryant of Houseman Special Cuts using the Imperial Touch Shave Gel on my customer. I get the super close shave every time and thereafter I top it off with the Imperial Touch Razor Bump Solution to get rid of razor burns and bumps.

Michigan City, IN
Houseman Special Cuts Houseman Special Cuts
Imperial Touch Shave Gel

I am a master barber. I use Imperial Touch Razor Bump Solution and Shave Gel on customers for ingrown hairs and razor bumps. This stuff is no joke. It works.

Tuscaloosa, AL
Idris Lahjid, Master Barber
Imperial Touch Razor Bump Solution & Shave Gel

I used the Imperial Touch Medicated Shave Gel and to my surprise worked extremely well. I have used real high end products that do not work as well as Imperial Touch. It got rid of the burns and bumps I would experience with the other products, in addition, it made my face real super smooth and moisturized.

Rockville, MD
Shakaib Shakaib
Imperial Touch Shave Gel
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